Why Quintain Marketing?

Quintain Marketing is a full service marketing agency committed to the belief that there is a place in the market for a highly focused marketing agency which can provide its clients a distinct range of services in a thoughtful, professional and personal way. Our product is a relationship, not simply a transaction or process delivery. We’re passionate about creativity and sticklers for quality, while also obsessed with providing our customers top notch service. That’s why so many of them – big and small – keep coming back.

How We Can Help You

We provide end-to-end marketing solutions that build our clients’ brand equity and help them achieve their overall business objectives. Our services include marketing strategy development and execution, brand positioning, website development, social marketing (including social SEO), tradeshow strategy development, branded products, direct marketing (direct mail and dimensional mailing), incentive and reward programs, and online company stores.

Regardless of the services we provide, our goal is always the same – to achieve complete customer satisfaction through creative solutions that deliver measurable results. Our reputation – and our results – speak for themselves.

Our Name

quin•tain (kwin-tn) noun

An object used as a target to help train a knight in jousting. It consisted of a swinging pole with a target on one end and a weighted ballast on the other. When the target was hit by a charging squire, the whole apparatus would rotate. The squire’s challenge was to hit the target, but not get hit in the back and knocked off the saddle by the rotating arm.