Quintain Marketing propels small and medium sized business to become leaders in their industry through innovative marketing services and sales enablement programs. We’re obsessed with helping our clients to grow by generating more leads and building sales organizations that close better deals, faster.

How We Can Help You

Are you a business owner frustrated that  your marketing spend isn’t generating results? A marketing executive looking for a better, more effective way to get leads and measure the ROI of your efforts? A sales executive frustrated that your team isn’t closing more leads?

Growing companies turn to Quintain for help taking their business to the next level. We do this by working alongside their leadership team to create and execute online and offline marketing strategies and create greater alignment between marketing and sales. Our services include inbound marketing strategy development and execution, brand positioning, website development, social marketing (including social SEO), tradeshow strategy development, branded products, direct marketing (direct mail and dimensional mailing), incentive and reward programs, and online company stores.

We’re different than your typical marketing agency because we know good marketing isn’t enough and simply hiring a great agency won’t get you the results you’re looking for. That’s why we offer integrated marketing and sales consulting services, as well as workshops and training programs aimed at developing top to bottom buy in for the strategies we develop.

Our Name

quin•tain (kwin-tn) noun

An object used as a target to help train a knight in jousting. It consisted of a swinging pole with a target on one end and a weighted ballast on the other. When the target was hit by a charging squire, the whole apparatus would rotate. The squire’s challenge was to hit the target, but not get hit in the back and knocked off the saddle by the rotating arm.