Getting the right message to the right person at the right time is crucial in today’s high-stakes marketing game. With marketing budgets stretched to the limit, smart companies are realizing the best way to improve marketing return on investment is to improve campaign relevance — and targeting messages to generalized groups just isn’t enough. Instead, marketers are finding success with “microtargeting,” which involves delivering highly targeted or even personalized messages to smaller groups. You can have a great message and offer, but all of your marketing dollars will be wasted if your campaign doesn’t reach the right audience. By using microtargeting, marketers can achieve response rates in excess of 5 percent, compared to the industry average of 1 percent to 2 percent.

Our Approach to Micro-Targeting

Here at Quintain Marketing, we have seen impressive results from the use of dimensional mailing as part of micro-targeting campaigns. Dimensional mailing is basically direct mail that incorporates a three dimensional object, branded with either your logo or your customer’s and sent along with a traditional print detailer. When these items are packaged in a box and sent via UPS or Federal Express, the chance that the recipient will open the package increases dramatically, as do response rates. In our experience, we’ve acheived response rates of 20% or more!

Why Micro-Target?

The idea behind micro-targeting is that less is more. By limiting your target audience to a small, well defined group (you can micro-target a group as small as one to five people, or as large as 50 or more) and spending a little bit more money (on a per-recipient basis) to put together a package that makes a big impact, you will see an appreciable difference in your results. With micro-targeting, your overall spend will be lower, and your results will be greater. Plus, time-strapped small businesses can opt to phase when they send dimensional mailers, making it easier for their sales staff to follow up with recipients. Who can argue with that logic?!

What Does It Cost?

Quintain Marketing’s services include:

Pricing for the development of micro-targeting strategies starts at $500. Pricing for dimensional items, print management, and fulfillment is available upon request.