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Quintain Marketing is a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of HubSpot inbound marketing software, an all-in-one marketing software including blogging, marketing analytics, search engine optimization, social media, email automation, and more. HubSpot is is currently used by more than 6,000 businesses in 45 countries and is an ideal solution for growing businesses looking for results-oriented marketing solutions. Our status as a Gold level certified HubSpot Partner puts us in the top 2% of all HubSpot partner agencies in the world.

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HubSpot On-Boarding

If you’ve decided to purchase HubSpot and need help getting started, we’ll guide you through the on-boarding process and make sure that your transition to HubSpot is a smooth one. We can build your website from scratch on the HubSpot platform, or install Hubspot on your existing website. Once installation is complete, our team of HubSpot experts will walk you through the HubSpot software platform and show you how to use it to deploy effective inbound marketing campaigns and track your results. Along the way, we’ll make sure you are schooled in inbound marketing best practices including the creation of effective landing pages and calls to action.

  • Attract

    Blog, Social Media, Keywords, Pages

  • Convert

    Calls to Action, Landing Pages, Forms, Contacts

  • Close

    Email, Workflows, Lead Scoring, CRM Integrations

  • Delight

    Social Media, Smart Content, Email, Workflows

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Campaign Management

You’ve purchased HubSpot. Now what? From developing inbound marketing strategies and writing and publishing content (including eBooks, whitepapers, blogs, podcasts, webinars and more), to the creation of landing pages, conversion forms, calls-to-action, and email drip campaigns, growing companies rely on our team of inbound marketing experts to execute marketing strategies that get results so that they are freed up to focus on what matters most – closing the leads we generate.

What Our Clients Are Saying
  • Quintain Marketing is an ideal HubSpot partner that excels at combining technical knowledge and marketing expertise.

    parsons Kellogg is a promotional products company selling B2B with accounts focusing on business over $50k. PK had grown to $13 million in annual sales without ever having a dedicated marketing professional. However, our branding was unclear and our social media presence negligible. Kathleen at Quintain Marketing introduced us to HubSpot and she and her team became our outsourced marketing department.

    Right out of the gate Quintain - in one training session - clarified our brand's unique selling position, something we had been struggling to articulate.  They got the team to buy in and identify PK's Key Customer Personas. This training had an immediate impact upon the way everyone in the organization understood our customers.

    During the process of on-boarding us to HubSpot, the Quintain team overhauled our website and put us onto better platforms. They created and executed our entire social media strategy, which drove new traffic to our site.

    The greatest value to us has been content creation. Quintain wrote and managed a consistent blogging campaign. In addition, they published effective eBooks which showcase Parsons Kellogg's expertise in each of our service areas. These publications are well written and beautifully designed. Our library is now stocked with meaningful content which continues to bring in new leads. They have established Parsons Kellogg as the go-to expert on all things related to promotional products and online company stores. Using this content in email campaigns has been an effective way for our sales team to stay in touch with valuable and relevant information.

    Parsons Kellogg realized a significant return on investment with Quintain which has contributed greatly to the company's growth.

    Leslie Kellogg
    Leslie Kellogg parsonskellogg