Tradeshow marketing strategy

Quintain Marketing provides clients with the full spectrum of services to support the development and execution of winning tradeshow strategies. From the development of a theme that supports your brand and business objectives, to the design of your exhibit and selection of giveaways, we’ll ensure that your booth gets noticed and your business gets the leads it is looking for.

Deliver a Better Trade Show Experience

The dull roar of a trade show floor can make your head ache as much as your feet do. But imagine that as you’re about to finish a day of walking through the exhibit floor, you enter a soothing exhibit that allows a sensory rest. Surrounded by overstuffed leather chairs and couches that sooth away sensory overload as you sink into their cushions. As you breathe a sigh of relief and relish a few moments of bliss, you have just become a part of an unforgettable trade show experience. Imagine a show floor where exhibits morph into experience environments and attendees are immersed in the message.

Show Booths That Engage

In this new exhibiting world, sensory enlightenment and memorability are as important as appearance.

Experiential principles are now routinely incorporated into theme restaurants and retail environments. Based on these same principles, trade show exhibits can also be approached as theater. To enhance attendees’ experiences, exhibitors use themes that engage all five senses, educate attendees with active experiences and create memorable environments.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • I have enjoyed my relationship with your company immensely. The attention to service is superb, and whenever I want to add something new to my company lines, you guys make it easy, fun, and best of all help me market my company to get more business.

    Todd Peenstra
    Todd Peenstra Peenstra Antiques Appraisals
  • "For 20 years I grew my business by cold calling. I can’t believe the impact of inbound marketing. Our pipeline is full and we have not made a single outbound call."

    John Powter
    John Powter GDP Advisors